Senior Proposal

Fall 2016


— 03_Touch Humanity with Design

Love Well -JJ, SR, NW

Love Well is a resource for those who are either unfamiliar with anxiety and depression, or don’t know how to reach out to someone they love.  The book alternates with examples of good and bad responses to an individual struggling with anxiety.


Mend the Broken


Issue: Poverty awareness

Solution: Mend the Broken is a website that has interviews of local people and their views on poverty. The interviews contain answers to questions about how often they go into Elgin or Chicago, if they notice the poverty in that area and why they think that is, and if they think they are doing anything to contribute or alleviate poverty. The website is also linked to a Twitter feed. The goal is to share what people think about poverty and make people more aware of it. On the website is an about page, a place to search for your area and find areas where you can volunteer and help alleviate poverty, a contribution link that also has contact information and a link to twitter. The name was chosen because it would be a catchy hashtag to use and it also contains the positive act of mending the brokenness of those in poverty, which someone can do by volunteering their time.

AW KD // A Guide To Feminism

KC & AC-poverty


Impoverished in Elgin or those not in poverty that could make an impact on alleviating poverty


Promote resources available to the impoverished and also encouraging people to volunteer through posters

minimalist posters that have juxtaposition of objects (Example)

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 4.03.26 PM.png

Infographic of causes of poverty/things to think about to help alleviate

Twitter & WordPress account that has interviews of people in Elgin with questions such as: “do you think theres poverty around you” “do you think you can do something about it” “if yes, why have you not done something yet”. Design the interviews and put them online and create a campaign for others to do that. “what can they do to help alleviate income gap” and “why have they not”


Audience:  Everyone -A resource that can be given out by the Wellness center.  Given to RAs / RDs

Topic:  Mental Illness- How to address it, and treat others with it

Focus:  Anxiety / Depression / Suicidal thoughts

Simple clean design, not showy.  Booklet design.

Points to outside sources.

Not cold wording, but not light-hearted either. Not happy. Not girly.

AW & KD: A Guide To Feminism

We have decided to do a zine on Feminism. This is a largely misunderstood movement and we feel it is necessary to shed some more light on the subject in a “guidebook” so to speak.

How we’ll do it: a zine with an accordion fold

What will be in it:

  • brief history/bio of top feminists to know
  • expectation vs. reality/common stereotypes
  • readings/essays
  • feminist artists to know
  • (why it’s relevant today)

Our goal: address the bad connotation people have with “feminism” and dig into what it really means to be feminist

Our style:

  • full bleeds
  • vibrant
  • edgy
  • Cindy Sherman
  • John Baldassari (?)

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