Finding a subject requires having a more intimate understanding of the topic. Knowing the subject matter is not necessarily understanding it, so we are going to deepen your understanding by extracting details.

If you have decided which subject matter you’d like to proceed with, you can do the following exercises with your chosen topic. If you are still not sure, keep exploring with both topics.Hopefully this step will help you decide which area to move forward with.

In your book, Design Thinking, are process activities to help you dig deeper. You must apply a total of six of these processes to your topic(s). If you have one, do six exercises with that one topic. If you are still deciding between two, you may split the six between the two however you see fit.

You MUST have 6 exercises by Thursday. Post images on the blog and be ready to show/talk about what you have done.


  1. Interviewing
    • minimum 3 interviews
  2. Visual Research
    • from multiple sources (at least 5)
  3. Brand Matrices
    • at least 3
  4. Visual Brain Dump
  5. Forced Connections
    • You can make forced connections with lists of words (10), or
    • You can make forced connections with images from your visual brain dump (5)
  6. Applied Action Verbs
    • at least 10
  7. Applied Rhetorical Figures
    • at least 10
  8. Icon, Index, Symbol
    • at least 5 ideas presented as all three