Now that you have a plan about what you want to say, you need to create visuals to support that. Your slides should supplement what you say, not the other way around. Practice giving your presentation as you are making the slides. This will make building your presentation a lot simpler and help you feel more comfortable with the outcome.


Random tips:

  1. Keep your slides visually simple. The aesthetic should match the content and not over-power it. No transitions or cheesy graphics. Simple, clean, professional.
  2. Have minimal text on your slides. Take us on the journey of what you are telling us, don’t make us read everything, and please don’t just read your slides! The only full sentences should be quotes.
  3. Ditch the bullet points. Not including full sentences does not mean you should use large ugly bullet points. Remember your rules of typography! There are other ways of organizing information.
  4. Include citations, data, and facts to support your claims. Your presentation will be better received if your information is validated with credible citations.
  5. Test your presentation through a projector. The only way to be sure the text isn’t too small or the colors are not horrendously misrepresented is to test it. Somethings may look great on your computer monitor and have a different reality projected. I personally like to make all projected presentations with black backgrounds, because the edges blend naturally into the screen.
  6. Use color sparingly. Especially with a visually simple aesthetic, color communicates a lot. Be sure the messages match and that the presence of color does not distract from what you are saying.




Homework Due Thursday, 11/10:

  1. Post your slides as a PDF to the blog categorized as “Presentation–First Draft”
  2. Have a first draft of your presentation ready to give on Tuesday, which you will give in small groups. This way you all will have time for individualized feedback.
  3. On Thursday, you will record each other giving your presentations and post them to the blog so I can view and send you feedback.




Homework Due Tuesday, 11/15:

  1. Watch everyone’s videos on the blog and leave feedback in the comments on the content, slides, and presentation by Saturday.
  2. Revise your presentations for Tuesday where you will present to each other live.
  3. Last revisions for final presentations on Thursday.