There is a creeping problem in our society. We no longer see men in white hoods, we share our water fountains and sit together on the bus, but racism is just as real in our modern day society, as it was back in the 1800’s. Today, discrimination hides deep inside our brain in the form of unconscious bias, or implicit racism, and how it is reflected in the form of micro-aggressions. As an artist I feel the responsibility to do my part in the fight against racism, and it starts from the inside out. The final goal of my project is to find a way of making the students, staff, and the judson community realize about the reality of these biases, and understand the repercussions that come with them, while also providing some resources for them to both understand, and even find a way to be help them be aware, and ultimately overcome them.




So far I kind of want to see if there’s a way of making [white students/staff at Judson University] either realize about them, and/or experience them, and then provide [if I’m able] some resource to get them to understand this better and possibly a way for them to rewire, overcome, and/or be aware.