What characteristics best describe your envisioned outcome?
communal, personal, responsive, connection

What makes your project unique?
My project will not emphasize saving the environment, rather that we must relish it, which may prompt us to save it.
People of any age may participate.
There is no right or wrong way of interpreting the prompt
Though it’s about nature, it’s not necessarily about pictures, because it is less about the visualization of the place and more about the feelings it invoked.
There is no “sharing.” – Our culture puts too much focus on it.

Why do you believe your project will succeed?
Historically, people are always looking for new ways to connect to their creator.

Who is your audience?
People who consider themselves creative as well as those who don’t.
People longing for more.

Elements my project must include:
Personal response – writing, sketching, singing
Nature – the inspiration for the response

My project in a sentence:
Using personal responsive techniques such as writing and sketching to connect more deeply with who made you and who you are.

Main ideas my project needs to convey:
We are as much a creation as our environment
We can have a deeper connection to our creator through responding to nature
Nobody’s response is the same, but all are important

In what environment does the project live?
The project lives in the possession of those who participate.
Sharing is be voluntary.