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What characteristics best describe your envisioned outcome?
I want my project to invite people to engage their curiosity and ask questions in a way that encourages the development of question-asking as skill

What makes your project unique?
I think I can create an interactive environment that gives people the rewarding experience of exploring something they find interesting for the sake of doing so.

Why do you believe your project will succeed?
I think my project can succeed because it will allow people to feel a little childlike again.

Who is your audience?
Although almost every one of the profiles I found targeted parents, teachers, and other professional adults, they did so in order to help them develop communication skills in young people. I would like to address caring for these skills as adults.

Elements my project must include:
Uncertainty – uncertainty breeds curiosity. The first step to asking a question is realizing there are things you do not know.
Choice – picking one of two curious objects to investigate is also an important step in engaging with my project.
Constraints – I like the idea that my project could force people to ask questions using other means besides speaking. I see my project being very interactive.

My project in a sentence:
Question-asking can be encouraged and developed by sparking curiosity and engaging the senses.

Main ideas my project needs to convey:
Question-asking is a valuable skill: gaining knowledge, trust/intimacy, likeability, etc.
This skill can be encouraged / discouraged based on the atmosphere: culture, time, and fear.
Developing your question-asking is worth overcoming social stigmas, busy-ness, and fear.