Creative Brief

What characteristics best describe your envisioned outcome?

I want artistic expression to be noticed and admired.  I want expression to be comfortable, and I want the outlet to be inviting.

What’s been done before?

Most services I’ve researched are not faith based and seem to address both families, individuals, young, old, etc. It’s all about therapy, or dealing with trauma by using self-healing structured therapy.

What makes your project unique?

My project will be personal, not a large organization that approaches multiple issues.  I want to approach one thing, and do it well. I want to specifically address those that are uncomfortable with expression and explore ways to make that change.

Why do you believe your project will succeed?

I think my project will succeed if I continue my research, weigh all options, and think outside what is the norm. 

Who is your audience?

Everyone. The mentally afflicted, the confident, the non-emotional, the emotional, the over-emotional, the uncomfortable, the confused. So, everyone.