Creative Brief:

What best describes your envisioned outcome?

A project that both encapsulates bold social thinking and expectations of personality psychology. A project that would allow viewers to better understand how others around them think and function. Communities split because of unmet expectations and misunderstanding. 

My hope is that the project will serve as as catalyst to make people want to learn more about themselves and how they can better interact with others around them.

What makes your project unique?

I would ideally like for my project to be unique because it will be able to show the complex inner workings of human beings in a way that is legible to all.

Who is your audience?

Audience would consist of viewers who are well versed in mindfulness as well as some who have never been introduced to it before.

What has been done before?

There have been exhibitions that discuss mental health such as the work of Dubuffet and the work of the Mindfulness exhibition but there has not yet been a piece that articulates the distinct differences in personality types and their tendencies to change as time goes on.

In what environment does your project live?

This project would live in a tactile world. Some promotional work would be available online but ideally the project would exist in a space that users could touch or move around different pieces.