What makes your project unique?

  • It focuses on why humans love storytelling
    • we were created to tell stories; we want to live a great story
  • it talks about adventure and leaves the definition of adventure open
  • it can include a large audience (various ages, ethnicities, either gender, people interested in adventures/stories or not)


What’s been done before?

  • Travel Blogs/Websites
  • Website describing the best travel blogs
  • HUM∆N storytelling combination of design/photo/video


What is the essence of the project? Create a single sentence explaining the project’s significant features.

  • I want to combine the instinctive human craving for both adventure and storytelling by documenting people’s adventures (whatever their definition of that may be) by the use of creative storytelling.


List the main ideas the project needs to convey.

  • Passion for adventure
  • Creative storytelling methods
  • Photos/videos
  • A contagious eagerness to get out there, explore more, go beyond the comfort zone
  • An understanding that adventure can vary per person
  • An understanding that adventures shape us and grow us