Man disconnects himself from nature.
Due to a perceived mastery over it, he ignores it, cages it, consumes it.
Some may say “no, I am connected with nature, just look at my Instagram,” but the act of caging nature behind a piece of glass is the same no matter the size of the glass.
The “connection” is often what causes the disconnection.
Man must reconnect to nature.


People’s mental states improve when they’re connecting with nature.

Due to a growing urban lifestyle, we are less likely to connect with nature.

Though people may feel as though they connect with nature when they instagram pictures, they are actually disconnecting from the experience.

By using photography to relive, share, or reconnect to the natural environment, we’re unable to have the same experience or connection as when we were initially there.

Rather than packaging the nature to use for later, respond to it in the form of journaling, sketching, or some other creative expression.