Topic: adventure stories


  • Discover various ways people document stories
  • Read travel/adventure blogs
  • Look for platforms that allow people to share their stories of adventure
  • Survey monkey questionnaire

Research Plan:

  • Use results from survey to see how people connect adventures to stories
    • is there already a lot of this happening or is there more of a need for it?
  • Find/read books on various kinds of adventures
    • should this only be non-fiction or does fiction apply as well?
  • Follow/search the various blogs/accounts/websites people recommended
  • Study various ways people document adventures/stories
  • Make a diagram on how stories and adventure relate, do not relate, intersect, etc.



  • books
  • websites
  • social media
  • blogs


Keeping track of sources:

  • Google doc, pinterestif-you-like-adventure