I am the presidential debate. Focus on me and argue about me. Lose friends; lose sleep. Battle lines have been drawn; pay no mind to the battles that rage on. Spend some more time watching Donald Trump videos. Who cares what happens to people halfway around the world; that doesn’t effect you.

I am the nine to five. Spend all your time with me and none with your family. Don’t volunteer for anything, you should spend your time working. Achieve more, make more money, come out on top! How long did it take you? Ten? Fifteen years? How much has happened since then? Clearly nothing as important as you amiright.

I am television. Lend me your eyes. Let me mold your brain. Don’t listen to anyone else, I tell you what is important now. Stay home every night. Who needs human connection when I can offer you the same thing? (sort of). Oh what you’re leaving the house? No worries, I’ll just hop inside your pocket, but make sure you check on me every five minutes.

I am advertisements and overconsumption. Spend all your money on me. Woah! Careful, you almost donated to charity, aid, or relief! Man you must feel pretty bad about spending so much money on frivolous stuff, you better do some retail therapy to make yourself feel better.



You guys said, “if you build it, they will come.”

I was purposefully built, so come.


Come; marvel at my tapestried splendor. Surely my variety will delight.

Come; inhale my aromatic wonder. Fields, forests, and flowers – a dream.

Come; hear the chorus of my inhabitants. Chirps and chatters, chime in.


Come; unwind in my serenity. Relax and simply be.

Come; experience all that I have to offer. So many opportunities and adventures await.

Come; or, don’t. The decision is yours.


Don’t come; overflow your eyes with staged, electric reality. Create a haven from emotion.

Don’t come; suffocate in your apathetic miasma. Acquire a taste for filth forgetting fresh air.

Don’t come; absorb every single drop of Ocean then drink some Lemonade. Tune out the call.


Don’t come; remain hidden within your veil of sensory din. Ignore your roots and ancestry.

Don’t come; squabble over your perceived differences. Headline: you’re all the same to me.

Don’t come; why connect with your creator when you can connect with your creations. You win.


Come or don’t; I won’t be here much longer anyway.