I do not hate you. I do not understand you. Your skin color frightens me and your way of thinking challenges mine. I do not think that I am a racist, I am color blind. I see your face but I do not see any of myself in it. We come from different backgrounds I cannot comprehend, and I do not know the language nor I care to learn it. I try not to generalize but it is so difficult when most crime is committed by them, and they use as an excuse events that happened centuries ago. I own this land, and so does my people but though we are forced to share it, it is still mine and I will defend it, from foreign threats and from within. I will not let my culture get diluted, nor my physical attributes get contaminated. I will protect mine as you would protect yours. I do not say I am smarter than you, and will not say that I am superior, but we have different gifts and traits, maybe you can lift things and do the labour while I organize and do the brain work. My rights and yours are the same, but mine always come first, and `because of where you come from, and how you look, and how you talk, and how you dress, you tend to be more suspicious. Hey, it is not my fault that your people created a reputation for you. As I said, I don’t hate you…I am just afraid of what you represent. I am afraid of the change you bring, and I fear the possibility of losing what my people have built throughout the years. I am afraid of feeling powerless, I am afraid of you.


I am a pencil. I slowly give my life so you can express yourself. My soul gets transferred onto the paper as you slowly drag me around. I love creating outlines, although I hate rendering. The constant back and forth movement makes me dizzy, and kind of grumpy, specially when I am used to create a fourth layer. Being used to create is the biggest honor anyone could have, and I pity the fool that breaks, and that one that’s cheap. Even though it hurts me when I lose sharpness and need to get back that pointy tip for crisp lines I gladly do it, and will keep doing it until I can no more.