I am a collector. I’ve gathered a great number of curiosities – inspiring stories,  exciting discoveries, and marvelous works of art. Each piece I collect is treated with care, and each has a special place of its own. Some items are shown off front and center, while others are tucked around corners waiting to be discovered. Once everything is arranged, I wait. In the morning, my halls fill with people. Some wander from room to room, while others beeline for their favorite piece. While I stand tall and regal, it is not me the people come to see, but the stories and works that decorate my otherwise empty rooms.

The first thing God created was me, and then he separated the me from the darkness. And he named me “day,” and he named the darkness “night.” Night and I trade places in your sky. We are twenty-four hours, no more and no less. I give you time to be awake, and Night gives you time to rest. During half the year, I take on more of the day, and the other half Night takes more. I am so glad I have Night to carry half the load – can you imagine if I were to try to do both our jobs? Even if I took over only a few of Night’s hours, I would quickly become exhausted. We are a well-balanced team, and we love our jobs. You on the earth don’t seek this balance. You want more hours out of Night and I. You always want more awake time or more rest time. This cannot be! God first created me. Then, when the world was set in motion, he created you. Night and I are an unforced rhythm of grace, created for you to embrace and enjoy.