I’m hidden all around. I’m in the melody and words of a song, in the faint trace of a scent, the sounds of everyday life, the photos that you’ve taken, the souvenir you took. All of these things can take you back in time. Can you remember the people you were with? Remember what made you laugh so hard? What about when you went on that really fun trip and you experienced so many cool things? What can you gather from a photo you took, a rock you picked up, the ticket stub you saved, a piece of clothing you wore, a note you jotted down while you were there? What about the day today; doesn’t it feel like the place you went a few years ago?


Being present/quality time

Blip-reminder that you’re meeting your friends for lunch in five minutes. While you wait, why don’t you check what happened on Facebook in the past few minutes. I’m pretty sure that there were also a few new messages that came in from the people you were talking to. Wait, don’t turn me face down-stop wait! Ah, their friend must be here. Oh okay, we are back now.  That’s right, take a picture of that food that you’re going to eat. Post it to Instagram and see how many likes you can get. Don’t know the place your friend is talking about? No problem, I can pull up the information. It’s only a few minutes away from the city and look at all of these other attractions you could go see. I don’t like the grease that you are getting all over my screen. It’s okay though, at least you are keeping on top of the latest happenings. What did your friends just say, I couldn’t hear over the sound of you laughing at the funny video your friend Snapped you. Oh, I guess we are taking a break again. Pst, you have a text. Hey, someone sent you a Snap. By the way, there’s a really neat photo on Instagram that you should check out. You’re missing everything that is being posted to Facebook! Why aren’t you answering these texts? Ring ring, phone call. Haha! That got you! Have a nice chat! Well, now that you’ve hung up, why don’t you look at all of these interesting things that happened while you were talking to your friends. I know you want to look, they won’t mind if you aren’t completely paying attention. There are important things to see!