Being me, you learn a lot about people. You learn what they are studying if they use me to take notes in class. You learn what kinds of doodles they like to make and how often. You also learn their joys and their sorrows when they use me as a diary.

I have heard a person’s greatest joys and most wonderful memories as they rush to scribble it all down before they forget them. Their eagerness makes me laugh, they are that excited to document a pleasant memory, and I am the lucky one who gets to treasure it for them. But then there the times when they use me to document moments they wish had never happened. Moments they regret, moments they can’t get back, memories they wish they’d never had. Yet here are they are, writing them down on my pages, because they cannot cope any other way.

I take pride in being used as a means of joy and escape. I am honored people are so willing to pour their hearts out to me. If I were more than what I am I would wrap my arms around them to laugh and celebrate with them, or I would embrace them to provide comfort after they just expressed their heartaches to me. But knowing that I am a means of documenting humanity’s greatest joys and greatest sorrows is enough for me, because really nothing else contains a more significant matter than I.



People never forget me when they travel. They need me to remember everything they do and see, and with me they often attempt to show the splendors of their travels. I take on different perspectives and I can see a variety of things depending on my size, shape, and length. I allow people to see the world even if they haven’t traveled.

Just like the notebook, I see both joys and sorrows. People use me to document the spectacular and beautiful that they see while they travel. They use me to capture a moment, a scene, a place they never want to forget. But sometimes they also use me to capture moments of pain and heartache. While this is hard to do I recognize my power of bringing difficult issues to light for others to know about who cannot see it firsthand like I can. I understand just how powerful of a tool I can be – I can teach others who have not seen what I have to know more about my travels or my people or my objects that I capture. I am most happy when my owner is excited about a shot we just took together. I know this shot will most likely end up in a frame or on a wall or posted online for all to see. I enjoy it most when my work is displayed and appreciated, for after all, I have to do a lot to capture such an image.

I like being me. I see so many different things, and the more my owner travels, the more I see and learn with them.