I am old, but new to you. I have moving parts. You often walk by me, through me, around me, yet you never stop. I see you distraught, alone, happy, confused, lost, sad, stressed. Your eyes never look at me for more than a second. I can help you. I was created to help you. I was created for your enjoyment, your pleasure– you. I am without flaws, except for the ones you associate with me. I am good. Partake in me. Look with your eyes, and remember. Notice me, and let me help you. Stop thinking for a second. Take a pause with me, and breathe in a newer life.


I am a mountain. I am a sea. I am a place.

I am the island that Syrian refugees float to. I am the house that the greatest composer of all time grew up in. I am the hill that Paul stood on to preach to the people of Athens.  I am the Nazi campground that 30,000 souls died on.

I am the place you hear about. I am the building you see on a magazine. I am the painting you read about in your history class. But I am more than that.

You may hear about me, but you don’t know me. I never leave. In fact, I’ve been here since the beginning. People come to me. Some stay and talk with me. They ask me questions, and try to get to know me. What I have to say sometimes makes them cry, laugh, or widen their eyes in wonder. Sometimes they don’t even believe me. However, some people walk by and never stop to look at me. They may take a picture, but they don’t know why I’m here or how I got here. I want to tell them, but they just take a selfie with me and just keep walking. I talk to them, and they ignore me.

They don’t know me, or even want to know me. I thought I changed the course of history.

I thought they knew that.