1. books
  2. my creative tools
  3. education
  4. water
  5. generational intelligence
  6. the gospel
  7. games
  8. traveling
  9. quality time
  10. alone time

Books: I love to read. I always have. I think books are a wonderful way of storytelling and entertainment, as well as sharing knowledge and ideas. I love libraries, where you never know what story will catch your eye. I also enjoy writing short stories or poems of my own.

Creative Tools: I treasure my camera, laptop, wacom tablet, papers and utensils: my creative tools. I’ve made it a habit to keep a small sketchbook and pen on me at all times, so I have no excuses to hinder my random thoughts or ideas. I also enjoy learning to use new ones, and adding them to my collection.

Education: I love to learn. My personality on the enneagram is number five, the investigator. I am naturally curious, always wanting to know how things work. I find school very rewarding, but I also I love places like libraries and museums. In my perfect world, everyone would have access to education at the very least through high school.

Water: I love to swim, I always have. When I was nine, I joined the swim team, and my hobby became my sport. I swam competitively through high school, and now I do just for fun and exercise. I love lakeside vacations where I can enjoy water skiing and being out on the water all day. Honestly, diving into a deep pool is one of my favorite feelings in the world.

Generational Intelligence: I have a really good relationship with both my parents and my grandparents. The feelings I have the most for them are love, respect, and gratefulness. From them I’ve learned countless life lessons, and I want everyone to be able to take advantage of the relationships they have with generations ahead and behind them.

The Gospel: The truth of the gospel fills me up. It is an encouragement to me no matter how many times I hear it. Every time I go to church or chapel, I expect to hear that story in some way,   because the gospel changes everything.

Games: My family is a board game family. I love playing strategy games, card games, or big-group games like charades or catch phrase. To me, it’s a great way to entertain and spend time with people.

Travel: I have always loved retreats, camping trips, vacations, and mission trips…anything that puts you in a new environment with a change of scene and pace of life. Last semester I traveled on an extreme I’d never tried before, and it was an amazing experience. There’s just something about going on a journey that’s important to me.

Quality Time: This is my top love language. It can be going out for coffee, going for a walk/hike, going shopping, making a meal together…it doesn’t matter. These things make me feel connected to people.

Alone Time: If I don’t have it, I find it hard to function. I need space to reflect and recharge. Spending time drawing, reading, doing yoga, or even napping helps me feel grounded and connected to God.


Curiosity: I love to learn. My personality on the enneagram is number five, the investigator. I am naturally curious, and I always want to know how things work. I find school very rewarding, but I also I love places like libraries and museums where I can learn about things outside my field of study. I’m a big advocate for online educational resources as well, like TED talks and Skillshare. In my perfect world, everyone would have access to education, at least through high school. I’ve often thought about becoming a teacher / professor, working for museums, or designing educational platforms. I think my love for learning began with my mom (she’s a 5th grade teacher turned 4th and 5th grade pastor), but I’ve also had wonderful teachers who encouraged me in my studies and challenged my thinking.

Time: How we spend our time says a lot about us. I am a planner: I love organizing myself by making a schedule for the day, the week. If someone else is making the plan for the group of us, that’s fine…as long as there really is one, and I know about it. (This makes me sound very controlling…am I? *insert clenched teeth face emoji here*) I consciously make time for people I’m close to, and I don’t feel close with them if we don’t spend time together. Quality time with people is what makes me feel connected to them. In the same way, I thoughtfully block out time for myself. Alone time gives me the chance to reflect and recharge. Spending time on yourself or other people shows how much you value them, especially in today’s fast-paced world.

Generational Intelligence: There’s probably a better word for this one. But for now, I’m sticking with generational intelligence, which basically means that if you have generational intelligence, you have an awareness of how different generations view of the world. I’m definitely not an expert (I’ve only read one book on this idea), but it matters to me. In general, I think it’s really important to try to understand how others view the world you share. The 3 to 4 generations that are alive today make up a big chunk of people that view the world differently than you! The reason this has mattered so much in my life is because of my parents and grandparents. They have offered me such a great example of how to live a fulfilling, godly life, and I feel like we can all learn from the people in our lives who are a little bit (or a lot) older or younger than we are.