Vulnerability – Since freshman year I have been obsessed with the idea of vulnerability. However, it has taken me my entire adult career to become fully at peace with it. When I first heard about it I knew that I liked truth and The Truth but it wasn’t until a professor told me, “Just tell the truth” that truth and all of the ease and peace and intimacy that comes with it was genuinely attainable. I am also obsessed with Brene Brown and Shauna Niequist and they are both activists for vulnerability in relationships and work.

Privilege – The need to understand and dismantle privilege comes from the need to understand why culture and society functions the way it does. I see nothing but pure evil and injustice in the news and I can’t help but think why and how it could have been better responded to. This overwhelming sense of privilege that makes people come so undone could have incredible power to heal a community if used correctly. What if society was equal, patient and understanding?

Injustice – If I think about it for too long I get really angry and nauseous.

People – I never cease to be amazed by the variety or the intricacy of human beings and the differences in culture that each country, continent or language has to offer.

Mental Illness – The fact that most mental illnesses are misunderstood by the general public, misdiagnosed or over prescribed drives me nuts. I also have this nutty belief that everyone should be in therapy regardless of if they think that they have an “issue” or not. Self awareness and emotional intelligence only allows us to be better servants, better leaders and better participants in the communities that we exist in now.

Story – Human story, like well written literature, is intricately composed and is wildly fascinating no only to observe but to interact with and be part of as well. I also am amazed by the fact that no two stories are the same.

Poverty – I get often annoyed that I was raised in a home with so much stuff. After being abroad and seeing families that have nothing and being taught to travel with less has me realize that we don’t need 75% of the things we own. I have too many feelings about this topic to be boiled down into a few sentences and my feelings are more widespread that just stuff.

Community – I believe that people were meant to exist in community with one another and am easily frustrated by the selfish hindrances that come between us and being able to be devoted to one other in community.

Print / Tactile – I believe in craft. Something about vectoring doesn’t always set my soul on fire. As a kid I was good at drawing. It’s just what I was and how people knew me, I seemed to have nothing else to offer the world so If I was going to draw – I was going to be incredible at it. So now I feel like i’m going to make something by my own hand then i’m going to make something….with my own hand (at least a little anyway).

Trying – Everyone has an awkward relationship with trying and caring and trying to care and swimming in seas of unintentional apathy when it comes to being uninspired by a project. Or even being so consumed in self pity that there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

Writing – I grew up as an only child. One of the hardest things about this was having no one to interact with when my parents seemed to be consumed by their own things.

Personality – The Enneagram and Meyers Briggs personality typing systems are wildly fascinating because I have a friend named Erin who has spent the last 10 years devoting her life to studying how people are and why they are. Personality typing and mindfulness not only benefits us as people but also benefits the communities and people the we interact with.