1. Imagery / Mentality
    1. Imagery is important to me. I take pictures often, and feel connected to them, emotionally. I recall a memory, a conversation, a certain feeling of peace. Imagery has helped me in my recovery from dealing with anxiety the past few years, and it remains something I seem to always fall back on.
  2. Worship
    1. I’ve been part of a church since I was born.  Growing up in the church, I find my spiritual growth as one of the most important things to me.  It has shaped who I’ve become.  Concerning worship, I’ve been on various worship band teams. Drumming is not only a hobby for me, but an act of service. I have also seen how the modern church can so easily distort the goals and truths of worship.  It’s a heart issue. 
  3. Travelling / Being stripped of comfort 
    1. Ever since last semester, I’ve felt the urge to keep seeing new things.  The world is meant to be seen, not passed by.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money and go to far places even.  New places are around you.  It affects you as a person. 
  4. Mental health
    1. As I mentioned, I have a brief history with anxiety that flares up now and then.  I have truly learned how important it is to get help, take a break, and learn more about yourself and the things that trigger your anxiety.
  5. My faith
    1. Over the years, I have developed a standard on which I base my life.  My personal philosophy stems from the Bible, and I have grown up learning to cherish the truth and how that affects every part of my life.
  6. My relationship(s)
    1. People are important to me.  They help me grow, learn, face the worst in myself.  
  7. Security
    1. Emotional security.  I’ve learned to strip myself of the surroundings I felt safe in.  That is important to me.

Narrowing the list into features:

  1. Imagery / Mentality 
    1. What: Pictures. Photography. Memories.
    2. Where: Imagery of people, places, things.  
    3. Why: What I see is important to me. It gives me comfort and peace.
  2. My faith /Worship 
    1. What: What I believe.  The truth.
    2. Where: Scripture, life around me. Reason. Logic. Knowledge.
    3. Why: It dictates who I am and what I do.
  3. World travel / Being stripped of comfort 
    1. What: Going to new places.
    2. Where: New places
    3. Why: There is so much to be learned and experienced.  Improvement of life.