+Doc Martens

+Social Justice
+Graphic Design
+Anything I do not know much about
+Anything I do know much about

+People’s rights

+Making things (diy)
+Sports (soccer, mostly)
+Destroying/Breaking stuff


1.My Camera is important because I make money with it. Not only money but also create images, and capture snippets of time.
2.The Guitar allows me to express myself. When playing it, it becomes a part of me, just as much as my vocal chords when singing or my fingers and pencil when drawing. Sometimes strumming a chord expresses more than any word could ever do.
3. I go to bed and nothing matters for eight hours…More like five but whatever.
4. Art is my passion. Can’t see myself liking anything more than it. Communicating, and materializing ideas, and thoughts make us humans. Animals can’t, but we do.
5.Politics are everywhere. Politics affect our daily lives. If I am going to be controlled by a gov., at least I want to know how and by whom.
6.I have been a victim of both discrimination and racism, and know from a first person perspective how awful it is to be treated like less for being different.
7.I like breaking stuff, I guess.


Social Issues
I believe that we have a moral responsibility with the world. I think that we MUST make sure our neighbor has as much or more than we do. That is the only way we can move upwards, without screwing up others. I feel like there is enough wrong going on in the world to ignore it, as by doing so we would be contributing to it. I believe that we must act always, and everywhere to make sure we do our part to improve our situation. We must also do anything we can to help anyone that surrounds us, regardless of gender, religion, or nationality.

Art is the breathing of the human mind. We take information, we put it together, we inhale…We think, we create, we materialize, we exhale. Art has been a part of humanity since its beginning, and as a creative person, it is my duty to contribute to a movement that is bigger than me.

We all have things we are ashamed of. I have been on both sides of the spectrum. At one point I was the person doing the discriminating, and now I fight against it. I’ve seen, felt, heard, and experienced the pain, and sadness it brings to be rejected by the color of the skin, or ethnic background. I hate it, and every day I encounter it, and the pain I have felt and made others feel boils up my blood.