What is important:

  • Family

Family is important to me because we do so much together. We’ve shared so many experiences and events together. Some examples are my family and my mom’s side of the family have traveled to Minnesota together ever since I was born and we also all went to Disney World twice. I learn a lot from the different members of my family due to the range in age and experiences.

  • Memories

I love going back and remembering an event or suddenly hearing/seeing/smelling something that reminds me of a place I’ve been. My mom has scrapbooked as long as I can remember and she has started me on it so photographs and memories are important to me. I’ve also started trying to write down what happens to me throughout the day or after I do something or go somewhere fun.

  • Being present

With technology being so prevalent and being busy then new norm, I’ve noticed a decrease in how present others are when I am around them and vise versa. I definitely struggle with being present when there is a lot on my mind and I keep thinking of everything I have to do. I struggle when I am present with people but they are not and are on their phone constantly.

  • Environment/Nature

Environmental conservation has gained more of a voice, which is great. It is so important for people to think about the resources they are using and the impact it is having on the Earth. In some cases people are destroying beautiful Earth in search of more resources. It’s a loss in the beauty of the Earth and the plants, animals, and all other organisms that lived in the area. I like getting in the nature around me and walking around. It is very calming and there is always something different to see.

  • Honoring/remembering veterans

This has become more relevant to me over the years. I’ve been interested in soldiers fighting in wars, their experiences, and what happens to them after they get home. This might have stemmed from a project I did in middle school when our whole grade interviewed veterans from various wars, recorded their stories, and sent that to the Library of Congress. I enjoy learning about the WWII era and the courage of those that went to fight. I met a 95 year old WWII veteran a few summers ago who flew a bomber and his stories were so interesting. There are several different organizations that help veterans get to experience things like a visit to Washington D.C.. They gave so much in the war and from several stories I’ve heard they receive the short end of stick when they return home.

  • Music

Music is great. I’ve been involved in music since the fourth grade when I started playing the piano. Then I learned how to play the guitar and then I joined my school’s choir. It’s is really fun for me to sing in a big group of people. I also love listening to music. I never leave without my iPod or earbuds. Music can change my mood or help me work through it, connect me to a memory, help me temporarily escape my present situation, and motivate me.

  • Stress relief/relaxation/decompression/alone time/space

I can work for hours and won’t take breaks. I feel like I’m wired to have a mentality of work now, play later and because of that I’m learning the importance of figuring out how to relax and deal with stress. Sometimes it is that I just need space from people and what I’ve been doing and other times I need to get away for awhile. I’m still figuring out different ways to relax and decompress from weeks filled with projects, which is hard when it feels like I have little time to do so.

  • Quality time

This is my top love language and I think it is necessary to spend quality time with people in order to get to know them and keep a relationship healthy. This could kind of go with my being present bullet because even if I am spending time with someone and they don’t seem to be there or are more concerned with other things, then the time feels wasted and I don’t feel any better by spending time with them like I usually do.

  • Trust/honesty

Honesty is such a big thing for me in relationships. Without it, it is hard for me to trust people. It’s a good value to have and important in any area of life.

  • Traveling/getting away

I always look forward to the one week in the year when my family and I go up to Minnesota and stay on a lake. It’s not the most exciting drive but I enjoy going up to a new area and trying new things. When I do this I also try to leave my devices behind or keep them turned off which is beneficial because it helps me disconnect from the busyness of life and slow down. There are some beautiful areas up there and it has inspired me to want to take more trips around the States.

  • Camera/Laptop

These are so important to me because of how much I rely on them to do my work. Also, I have so many memories stored on both devices that I would be so sad if I lost them or if one of them broke. I almost went through that when my laptop would not turn on and I had to give it to Apple to fix but they couldn’t guarantee that my projects would be saved. Thankfully they were. Also, I’ve had minor bugs with my camera but I get anxious when I can’t find it or feel terrible if I go somewhere interesting without it.

Features, explain the what, where, why:

  • Memories

What: Remembering fun, past experiences.

Where: Memories can happen anyplace at anytime.

Why: When I have a rough day or want to make myself happy, I try to remember a place, an event, or time that will cheer me up. Memories are important in helping me relax. I also take a lot of pictures anywhere I go and when I look back at them it helps me remember more. I also love the moments when a small trigger reminds me of a positive experience. I think that triggers and memories are very interesting.

  • Being present/Quality time

What: Engaging in conversation with people, listening to each other, experiencing new places or events together or even hanging out at a favorite place.

Where: Anywhere.

Why: Being present and spending time with people shows that you care. Constantly being distracted when someone else is trying to hang out with you can make a person feel like they aren’t important. With technology today, I feel like being present/quality time is becoming more of an issue and I’m hearing more about how people are loosing social skills.

  • Honoring/remembering veterans

What: People who served. Those with stories and experiences that can’t be heard anywhere else.

Where: Not sure about this one. I guess if it is material and stories a site or archive of some sort.

Why: It is important to remember history and those who gave. I think it is easy to take the freedoms we have for granted.