A feature should explain the what, where, why, etc. about your topics.

What: Social Justice

Where: in America….maybe also the world in general?

Why: I am specifically passionate about sexual assault in the category of social justice, but I am also attuned to the racial discrimination in America between whites and blacks, or whites and minorities in general. I have a strong sense of protection and passion for justice to be given. I have a bad habit of thinking in black and white terms, but sometimes that’s helpful for social justice because I don’t want to compromise. I want justice to occur.


What: Stories

Where: all over….this can be as vague or as specific as I want it to be

Why: I think people should be able to voice their stories without feeling judged. I value the power in stories and believe many can grow from others’ stories as well as the storyteller growing too. There is much to learn from people’s stories, no matter the experience or end result. Stories do not have to be sad or traumatic to be interesting or moving. The way a story is expressed is what makes or breaks it in my opinion. I may forget someone’s name, but I never forget their stories.


What: Exploring/Adventuring/Traveling

Where: the world!

Why: I am an adventurous person. I would much rather spend money on an experience than on a materialistic item. I enjoy going and seeing just for the sake it. I think traveling and exploring new places grows everyone in several kinds of ways: It increases their independence, it reveals how they plan/act, it encourages risk and change and going beyond comfort zones, and it teaches people to be more open-minded and willing to learn about other cultures. Exploring/traveling will always better a person in my opinion.