What is important to me:



Social Justice (sexual assault specifically)

  • we all know why for this one…
  • the healing process is a topic not frequently covered, but survivors’ stories are. It’s interesting to hear how others heal and cope – no one’s process is exactly the same


  • I value being active in one way or another. I think everyone can find a sport they love if they really wanted to. Being active is much, much more than being healthy and looking good physically. It is also about the hormonal benefits received from endorphins that can dramatically help people who are depressed.


  • I love my sport even though I am no longer on an official team. It is a way for me to stay active and healthy but it isn’t a chore – it’s something I genuinely love to do and am very sad when I cannot. I love more than anything when someone asks me about running or for tips. I enjoy teaching people about various aspects of running and coaching them or creating a training plan with them.


  • I am an adventurous person. I would much rather spend money on an experience than on a materialistic item. I enjoy going and seeing just for the sake it. I think traveling and exploring new places grows everyone in several kinds of ways: It increases their independence, it reveals how they plan/act, it encourages risk and change and going beyond comfort zones, and it teaches people to be more open-minded and willing to learn about other cultures. Exploring/traveling will always better a person in my opinion.


  • I passionately believe everyone has a story. Stories can be wonderful and cheerful and beautiful, but they can also be messy. Each story includes a defining moment, a call to action, a decision to change or stay. You’d never know people’s stories by simply looking at them, or maybe you’d assume their story for them and be completely wrong. Stories are powerful and are compelling enough to cause action. I think everyone’s story is interesting, but I learn so much when I talk to the elderly. Their stories are not told enough, and their wisdom from their generation is fascinating and needed.


  • I appreciate people who are transparent and blunt (like me!). I detest liars and deceivers. I particularly enjoy people who are willing to go beyond small talk because I think life is too short for small talk. Let’s be real. Let’s be open. Let’s be honest.

Connecting With People

  • As someone who struggled to connect with people all throughout my childhood I am passionate about seeking out connection. We were not created to be disconnected and live without relationships. At the same time, however, I am not quick to trust and I am awful at giving second chances, so sometimes connecting with people is still difficult for me. I am fascinated by the psychology behind connection and how people’s experiences can impact the way they connect with people.