I chose my family as my community. Things are decently stressful in my house right now, so I figured I’d send them a kind of survival kit for the fall since this is one of the busiest times of the year for all of us. The Let’s Destress Kit includes:

  • each family members’ favorite candy for them only
  • a candle for my sister because she lights candles in her room when she is stressed
  • a canvas for my mom with Scripture because she feels peace in Scripture whenever she is stressed
  • A little box that can rest on my dad’s desk that is full of reminders of what I like most about him so that he can read them when he is stressed
  • cards for each of them that I wrote to specifically address the stressors they are enduring right now and explanations for why I gave them what I did


I am mailing it tomorrow so I will post an update on the results once I receive them 🙂