(it’s me) 

For my community project I chose to make little booklets that can be written in and mailed to friends around the country to connect communities that once were.

I was inspired by how my friends at camp and I would write letters to friends during the year while we were away from each other and camp.


1) Care.

Relationships, like everything else in life need some TLC at times. Making time for things and people that matter is the most rewarding thing humans have to offer one another.

If you know that you have no desire to write in this book hand it off to a friend, office mate or barista at Starbucks, don’t abandon it in your office drawer. It’s lonley in there.

2) Set a timer.

Setting a timer for 5 or 10 minutes allows you to be totally in control of how much time you spend writing. It also adds an element of competition can you beat your timer? Honestly, you would have spent 5 to 10 minutes scrolling through Instagram that day anyway (that’s me).


3) When you’re done:

Sign your masterpiece with your name, month, state (if you want). Wrap the booklet up in an envelope, newspaper, computer paper and hand it off, either by mail or by hand to someone that you haven’t talked to in the last six months.

4) $$$

Before you hand if off slip a few dollars in the back pocket to help out with the next person’s shipping costs.

5) When the book is full:

Send it back to the address printed on the back cover. Finished booklets will be published online.