When I chose the cafeteria community, I hoped to touch a lot of students at Judson. What I didn’t realize about my proposal was that reaching a lot of people meant making a lot of things. It turns out there are quite a few tables in the caf, so I chose to focus on the twenty-five large round tables. I multiplied my set of 40 questions, and designed some card holders that would (hopefully) make the cards manageable for the clean up crew. After a  little color testing and a lot of exact-o cutting, I had twenty-five card holders and a whole bunch of snarky, attention-grabbing cards.

Crossing my fingers that people would notice the cards, I casually ate dinner with a more observant eye than usual. A lot of tables actually used them! Sure, some people read them, but didn’t act on them, and others didn’t even pick them up. But there was a good amount who did! I went up to a few people I knew and asked them what they thought:
“I’d way rather be doing this than whatever else we would’ve talked about tonight.” –a friend
“I knew this had to be one of us. They’re beautiful.” –a fellow designer
“Everyone at my table got into it! Which was great because I  was actually sitting with people I didn’t know very well!” –a friend

The cards will be around at least through tomorrow night… Happy conversing!
S/O to JJay for helping me set this up in time for dinner!