I’ve been a part of the Jerry’s community for quite some time, and I’ve gotten to know more and more about it.  It’s a small community of friends, colleagues, coworkers.  It’s a small private owned business, but part of our education and growth into the work field.

Jerry’s Cafe

s Jerry’s was founded by two Judson alumni that wanted to give back to the building that helped them so much in their career.  a The founding of Jerry’s is much like the start of any business. m Jerry’s is a privately owned business.

Jerry’s has a full service espresso bar and popular snacks to accommodate the average college student.  a Jerry’s is like an oasis in a desert. Jerry’s is an oasis.

Jerry’s Cafe was named after the fifth president of Judson University, who worked to change Judson from a college to a university, and eventually launched four master’s programs. Like Harm A Weber is to HAWAC, Jerry Cain is to Jerry’s Cafe. Jerry Cain is the Harm Weber of HAWAC. 

Despite the many complaints, Jerry’s uses fair trade coffee, roasted locally to ensure best quality. Giving jerry’s coffee to a student that is displeased with the taste is like giving a toddler fine wine. Jerry’s coffee is a fine wine.  

Jerry’s values craft, and encourages their baristas to experiment and work on their latte art. Latte art is like a sport that you usually hate playing, but it makes you a better person. Latte art is a sport.

Coworkers at Jerry’s have fun together. Jerry’s baristas are like loving siblings. Jerry’s is a family.

Jerry’s baristas have busy schedules and often ask each other to swap shifts or cover for each other. Jerry’s baristas act like a sports team that subs in and out of each match. Jerry’s is a sports team.

Jerry’s baristas have fun together outside of work, often even talking about work. Talking about Jerry’s outside of work is like talking to someone about last night’s game. Events at Jerry’s are the latest sports news.

Baristas often experiment with drink recipes when they have the time. Experimenting with drinks is like playing around in a chemical lab. Free time at Jerry’s is science.

Baristas sometimes don’t know everything about Jerry’s. Each barista’s knowledge is like different pages in a book. Barista’s brains are different books.


Learning, improving skill, multi-tasking, stress, cleanliness, being fast, knowledge about coffee in general, social skills, lack of encouragement for going beyond what they are required to do.


Make a poster of reminders, or a fun and basic coffee guide for general knowledge, or encouragement / thank you cards per barista.