Although I am technically not an international student, I grew up abroad, and I am fairly new to this country. One of the communities I am a part of, that I constantly interact with is the international students community!

S: We come from abroad

A: We are to america like fish are to ground

M: My experience here is that of an alien that’s arriving to a new planet


S: We miss home

A: Home is like brownie

M: Home is like brownie, when you can’t eat gluten anymore


S: We have friends that understand us

A: We are like this penguins that always walk together in mass

M: We gravitate together, like molecules in water


S: We are different

A: We are the ‎ñ to this country’s alphabet

M: We are the ‎ñ to this country’s alphabet, could be a part of it, but not really.


S: We get misunderstood

A:We are an instruction manual in portuguese

M:We are an instruction manual in portuguese, we’re here but because not many people read portuguese, not many even tries to read it/


S: Sometimes we are alone

A: We’re pennies

M: We are in this country like a penny on the street


S: We Like changes

A: We are lik hermit crabs

M: We are like those hermit crabs, always changing our home


S: We are misteated because we are misunderstood

A:  We are like  harambe.

M: Gentle creatures that just want to be left alone.


S: We help eachother

A: We are links of a chain

M: We are links of a chain that’s always expanding


We need encouragement as int’l students to say here, understand and have patience with this foreign culture (to us). One of the biggest struggles is to stay here, and not go back home.


My proposal would be to make encouraging cards to every int’l student to keep their chins up, specially new students, with PLT’s about america and college in general.