I had a hard time deciding what to do for this project because I just wanted to do anything and everything that came to my mind! After voicing that to Kayla I was happy to be reminded that we will have this project repeatedly for a few weeks, so that made narrowing ideas down a little easier.

What I Did

I decided to write encouraging notes to my friend Jen Jen for the next seven days. Her name is really just Jen but for some reason last year we started calling her Jen Jen and it just stuck. Jen Jen has had a pretty tough year – she’s had several health issues and surgery to address her health issues, and it was still so bad that she wasn’t able to return for school last semester. She was very sad due to her illnesses and allergies and was struggling to still feel connected to her friends at school while she was away. Even though she is back this semester and is much healthier thanks to good doctors, she is still having a tough time with other issues. To see my friend in pain and forget how wonderful she is as a person is very difficult for me. This is where the daily reminders of how great she is came from.

I wanted the notecards to be personal and specifically made for her, so I used different kinds of ribbons to decorate and designate each card. Jen Jen is crafty and creative, so I thought the ribbons would be a fun way to connect these cards to her. I decided to use the following seven traits I love most about Jen Jen so that this week instead of only remembering her issues she is able to remember her gifts! Each trait addresses something she may not remember often or even believe, so this is why I chose them specifically. Here is what each card starts off with…

Day One: You’re Kind
Day Two: You’re Motivating
Day Three: You’re Wise
Day Four: You’re Beautiful
Day Five: You’re Strong
Day Six: You’re Creative
Day Seven: You’re My Friend

I also used stamps that I would hand paint using black acrylic paint and a tiny paint brush, then stamp each one individually onto the cards and envelopes. I liked this touch of handmade-ness and enjoyed spending the extra time to do it.

The Result

It’s only been two days but Jen Jen has been significantly happier ever since she read the first one! When I see her in between classes she is smiling more. When we are hanging out with friends she is laughing more. She was overwhelmed with appreciation once she opened the Seven Days of Jen Jen explanation note and the Day One note. I think this really will continue to make her week a little better than normal and bring her spirits up as well as remind her who she truly is.