List of Communities:

  • Judson
    • Lindner Tower
      • Fifth Floor
    • SoADA
      • Art and Design
      • Graphic Design
    • Choir
  • Greenlee interns and coworkers
  • Family
  • Friends back home


Art and Design community

S: Being in the art and design program is a challenge. A: The art and design program is to a game of strategy. M: The art and design program pushes students to think in different ways.

S: As school goes on, it gets really busy with projects and it is easy to get overwhelmed. A: Trying to handle all of the projects during the middle of the school year is to trying not to drown in the middle of the ocean. M: The large amount of homework on top of studio projects hits like a wave.

S: People in the design program are encouraging to each other since we are all going through the same classes. A: The encouraging community is to a stable base for a building. M: Encouragement is foundational.

S: There are great people in the design program, whether it is students or professors. A: The design program is like the internet, filled with multiple sources to answer questions. M: Everyone is a valuable metal.

S: People in the art and design program are also friends with the other majors that use HAWAC. A: The different majors that use HAWAC are like all the colors in a crayon box. M: HAWAC is a diverse fishbowl.

S: Studio space is a great place, but is in need of a more creative feel. A: The current studio space is to a blank canvas waiting to be painted on. M: Studio is a creative space and should be colorful.

S: Sometimes the studio space is chaotic when a lot of people need to use the same printer or the same cutting space. A: Being in studio on printing day is like going to the mall on Black  Friday. M: The studio can be a free-for-all.

S: HAWAC is a cold building and is not that fun of a space to be in for hours on end. A:Working in HAWAC is to ice in a freezer. M: HAWAC is a dull icebox.

S: Even if fellow art and design students encourage each other, it can be hard to feel like things are going to all work out. A: Encouragement in studio is to sun coming through clouds. M: Sunshine is hard to find on a rainy day.

S: People of different SoADA majors and minors interact within the studio space. A: The community in studio is to a puzzle. M: Everyone in studio comes together to create an interesting picture.

Challenges: Creating something that can apply to more than one major. Creating something that will impact people and won’t just be another poster hanging in HAWAC.

Proposal: Large scale posters in studio and maybe around HAWAC that add some color and life as well as encourage those that see them.