Communities I Belong To:

  • Judson
  • SoADA
  • Graphic Design Seniors
  • 5th Floor Lindner
  • Chicago Semester Spring 2016
  • Kensington Church Orion
  • My Family


Community I Choose: Family

S: My family is adventurous
A: We are adventurous just as wet is to water
M: Just as water is known for being wet my family is known for being adventurous

S: My family members each possess different talents
A: We are as unique as a variety box of chocolates
M: A variety box of chocolates possesses as much uniqueness as my family does

S: My family is close/connected
A: We are close like magnets that can’t resist connecting together, despite having opposite poles
M: Just as magnets connect on their opposing ends my family stays connected despite each of us having different personalities

S: My family is driven
A: We are all driven to perform well like an aspiring actor is driven to perform well for their audition
M: We are motivated to perform at our best like an aspiring actor is motivated to perform well for an audition

S: My family is caring
A: We like to show we care as a gym rat likes to show their progress in muscle building (a lot)
M: We enjoy showing we care often to our family the same way a gym rat often likes to show their progress in muscles

S: My family is hard working
A: As a farmer is known for his hard labor Warners are known for their hard work and diligence
M: Warners have a history of being known for their perseverance and hard work just as a farmer is known for their hard labor

S: My family is resilient
A: As a spring can bend and be compressed yet return to its original shape we Warners can be bent and compressed and still maintain strength and durability
M: A spring is known for being able to bend and be compressed it is still able to return to its original form despite compression/being bent. Just like a spring we are known to bounce back after being compressed/bent ourselves

S: My family is faithful
A: As a dog is faithful to its master we are faithful to Christ as a family
M: We see each other practice faithfulness to each other and to Christ and because of this we are like the way a dog is faithful to its master

S: My family is silly
A: As a chef loves to eat food we as a silly family love to laugh
M: We feel like we can act silly because each member is willing to act silly and not care about the reaction

S: My family does not expect perfectionism
A: Just as an artist knows they will occasionally make a mistake and need an eraser we as a family know we will occasionally make a mistake and need to apologize/seek forgiveness
M: Just as an eraser is always by the side of an artist knowing at any minute they might need it lest a mistake is made, we are aware we will have to apologize every now and then for our own mistakes

What are some challenges or areas of improvement for your chosen community?

We are all very strong willed and stubborn; we are constantly busy; we are active in sports, work, friendships, church, other communities so it is difficult to find time to be together; we are all easily prone to stress; we are planners and not having a plan scares us.

I think I’d want to focus on what stresses out each of us and find a way to gently remind each family member that they can keep going despite their stresses. I don’t know if I would do the same type of piece for each person or make it different for each person. My mom likes posters and visual pieces. My sister likes candles and wall decorations. My dad likes photos and scripture in frames on his desk.