My friend Molly is engaged. Engaged to be married. But not married yet. The planner in me views being engaged as an exciting time of preparing for married life – a huge change! I resent big life changes and revel in planning, but all my engaged friends (which only include all three of my childhood best friends) mainly express impatience. It’s as if planning “their big day” doesn’t allow them to vent all their excitement properly – probably because it’s just one day. What my engaged friends are excited about is only partly their wedding day…they’re excited about the rest of their lives with their person!

So, to address the preparation for married life part of the engagement period over the planning of the wedding day, I have designed a small book: “For now, for later.” It’s a collection of lists to be completed by a couple during their season of waiting. It’s a way to celebrate and hope for what is to come before it begins. I came up with the lists specifically for Molly and her fiancé, and the outdoorsy, God-loving people I know they are. I gave her the book at her bridal shower on Saturday!

The book is made up of ten 8.5X5.5 card stock pages, and I did all the lettering and illustrations myself to give it a personal do-it-yourself feel. Here are some example pages: