My sophomore year I had an idea, a need, something stupid and simple welling inside of me. This idea was the need to let people around me know that, “Everything is going to be ok”. Initially, the idea was impulsive and stemmed from a general sense of panic all over the campus, some new found power hunger (thanks to my dorm presidency), and a strange break up (surprise).

In my impulsive state I plotted and printed off two A1 sized posters with the text “Everything is going to be ok” written in Helvetica Bold. One of these posters I hung on the back of my door in my room and the other I hung in HAWAC, anticipating it’s quick removal by the janitorial or university staff. But it stayed, for a long time too. I actually had to be the one to take it down at the end of the year.

While the poster was up however I was approached by the newly hired Lindner RD who told me that he looked at that poster every day when he came into HAWAC. He had somehow found out that it was me who had put the poster up and jokingly asked if he could have one for himself. I declined on the grounds that the architects were mad at me for initially being in the fab lab.

For my project I chose to *finally* make Luke the poster he asked me for two years ago. The Kit includes two jars of home made, Volkman baked, granola in two jars with stickers that read, “You are going to be great today” and “Do what scares you most”.