… but she’s my sister so that makes it okay right? She’s going through a difficult time right now, so I thought some encouragement might be good for her. I gathered some encouraging scriptures for her and compiled them into a small, 5″ x 5″, 50-page booklet.

I began by finding encouraging and uplifting passages from throughout the Bible. I decided to use The Message translation because she’s less familiar with it and the phrasing is more unique and casual. Then, I used gradients behind the verses to create feelings of calm, revitalization, and peace. In between the pages containing scripture, I included blank white pages on which to write thoughts, responses, prayers, etc. To complete the booklet, I printed it on decent-quality matte paper, trimmed the edges to be the same size, and bound it simply by stapling it together.

My sister and niece were visiting the apple orchard near my home before driving back to St. Louis, so I decided to surprise them by joining them since I likely won’t be seeing them again until Christmas. When I gave her the booklet I had created for her, she said, “Aw, I’m glad I’m wearing sunglasses; you’re making me cry.” Then we hugged and said goodbye.

All in all, I spent about three hours creating my encouragement booklet, but the impact it had on my sister was astounding. I thought maybe she’d just say thanks, but I know she loved it and the thought behind it. Her heart was clearly touched, and she’ll most definitely use the booklet.