Design is purposeful communication. It’s about how a message or idea is portrayed. Design is powerful because it can control how the viewer/user receives an idea or message, so for me, design must be honest.

Get to the truth of things.
Design can remove obstacles for the viewer/user. Sometimes design is seemingly invisible. My work will represent no more and no less than what a product, message, or idea truly is.

Tell a story.
Getting to the truth involves exploring the context of a thing. Anyone or any group or anything made by these has one, so dig it out and shore it up. Jesus never told anyone anything without telling a story, and he is the best truth-teller.

Create beautifully, not decoratively.
“Design is like a bat: half bird and half mouse.” My work will be both functional and aesthetic, without becoming decorative.

Keep moving forward.
Don’t stay stuck in the same thing. Try new processes with new materials for new ends.


Belief Statement

“Lord, I believe; Help my unbelief!” Matthew 9:24

These things I believe in represent influential people and significant periods of time in my life.

I believe in education. I am doing what I am doing today because of the opportunity to learn, and because of the encouragement I’ve received from teachers. When I was in grade school, I wasn’t into sports or music. I wanted to write and draw, so my teachers showed me how combine those elements into a book. Every year, I wrote and illustrated a book for the Young Authors competition, and every year I won. This early affirmation that I was good at something I loved to do pushed me to pursue art and English classes through high school, until I decided to major in graphic design in college. Therefore, I think communities should always invest in teaching the young and caring for the old. Bob Goff once said, “There’s nothing more scary to a terrorist than a girl with a book.”

I believe in change of setting. Living in another culture was a goal I wanted to experience before I graduated college. When I left for Italy I didn’t know why I set this goal for myself, only that I hoped I could experience the Italian way of life. Although it began with culture shock, I did spend the semester learning about my surroundings, and surprisingly, learning about myself. When everything else around you has completely shifted, who are you then? What about you remains true? These are the formative questions that I embraced because of traveling, and so I believe in placing yourself outside your comfortable environment.

I believe in change of pace. While I do some of my best work under pressure, I know how easily I can become burnt out. This summer, I returned to the job I do every summer, expecting the minor challenges of adjusting to a promotion. However, the challenges I encountered were the daily, exhausting problems of understaffing, customer complaints, and ill-equipped leadership. By my end-of-summer family vacation, I had no energy for the creative projects I’d put on hold, and it took me a week of idleness before I could pick up a pencil to sketch. While a change of pace mended my burnout, it was needed long before it came. Just as rest is essential for life, creative rest, or “wasted time,” is necessary in my process.

I believe people are more important than ideas. People say an idea can change the world, but I know that an idea has to be grown up and dressed and introduced to the world by a person or a group of people. And lastly, I believe in love. God commanded us to love Him and love other people, and so it is God and people I hope to serve through my work.