Design is not easily definable for me.  Aside from its qualities, I know that it is a tool.  It’s a technique, way of thinking, manifesting itself in the form of an idea, a piece of paper, an application– the list goes on. Honestly, I think there are endless ways of defining, describing, and identifying design.  I see it all around me.  I see it in the way information is spoken to me, through written words or an audible voice.  I see it in my day to day schedule.  I see it in the aisles of the grocery store.  I see it on the road, the highways, and the traffic signals of intersections.  I see it all around me, through experience, taste, work, play.  

I know that it is important.  Much like water to man.  There are many uses, and we need it, whether we acknowledge it or not. We enjoy it, whether we acknowledge it or not.   

Now for the things I keep telling myself.  Things that I look back to.  Things that press me. 

Grow up.  

A good amount of time is spent growing up and developing into a fully grown human.  I feel like that part of life is all about learning, observing, and absorbing information, and that process should never stop.

Know what you believe.

It is crucial to develop a personal belief standard.  What you believe reflects much onto what you do and who you are.

Feel it out.  

There are times when my mind wanders from design, in discovery of other facets of life.  Let it happen.  Those facets are important too.  

Get comfortable.

I love comfort.  What I have found to be necessary is redefining my comfort.  Forcing myself to get comfortable in what I’m not.  It’s unnatural at first, but becomes crucial in growth.  

Own it.  

I am not, and have never considered myself a confident person.  In fact, it’s the lack that I hate most about myself. However, just embracing your work as your own is enough confidence to start.

Belief Statement

Mankind’s search for truth is dominant.  A search for reality.  Design is being human. Embracing our humanity and branching off of it.  There is life all around us.  Love, joy, laughter, sadness, illness, disaster, death— all around us.  

Why we work, talk to each other, laugh, have families has to do with the enjoyment and discovery of truth. I believe good design is unadulterated truth. It should be what drives us, what grows us, what ignites our passion to fulfill our purpose. It should apply appropriately to all of mankind. Although often unnoticed, it either speaks truth, or intentional lies.  

I believe bad design is the glorification of all things wrong. Allowing the mind to decide its own truth. Forsaking structure and order, and embracing the over-abundance of freedom we have in making our own decisions. Augustine says, “The punishment of every disordered mind is its own disorder.”

I believe we were born into sin, and are faulty at our core.  What is design if it originates from fault?  That’s why action is required.  I believe I must discover truth, believe it, before I design.  If I do not, I mislead.  I lie. I believe we were created in the image of God, with a certain complexity in our intelligence that has potential for good design.  To see it, to create it, to make it prevalent.  

If what I do is a reflection of who I am, I must define and concentrate on the latter before anything else.  I must design myself.  I must refine myself to be better, continually and fervently.  Not selfishly, but in a way that emphasizes my work, to glorify what I believe in.

I know my negatives.  

I am not confident.  I tend to shy away from things I should take ownership of, in fear of failure or embarrassment.  I often see the future with pessimism.  I am often overcome by my anxiety, and feel unable and disheartened in stabilizing my mentality.  I like being comfortable.  I like knowing the future, and being in control of my own.  

I know that it is good to define personal weak points, but a mistake that I have made plenty of times is sitting in my mistakes.  Just sitting and contemplating it and not acting on it.  I feel like it is a natural tendency to crave communal pity, often in religious settings. The past is meant to be resolved, but not glorified.  

I feel motivated to be better, do better.  I want to fulfill my purpose in life, do what I love, and act upon the information I have been absorbing for years.  I cannot succeed in all that I do, but I can succeed in my part of contributing to society.  I have learned that developing a standard of truth is a necessary part of life.  It gives a foundation for all else.  I believe faith is what drives me.  The truth keeps me sane.  The truth gives me desire to chase design, and allow design to make life better.