Design is selfish.

Design from a business standpoint is only to benefit the parent company, to sell a product, in the end to make back the principal originally invested.

Is design more than a business? Can design be more than brand strategy and competition?


Create selflessly.

Create something that expands the understanding of the general public and allows insight into a very specific subject matter in a new and unexpected light.

Create vulnerably.

I desire to create from experience no matter how painful or intimate that experience may be.

Create chaos.

Create chaos – reign it in. Gesture with more than ink – gesture with words, forms, paint and pixel.

Do not be afraid. Well…be afraid but don’t let it consume you.

Create in a scholarly manner.

Do your dang research. Creation in and of it self is nice but without research design relies only on weak intuition.

Create room to breathe.

In the beginning, the middle and the end create space to breathe and reflect on the process and your human and creative needs.