See Things Differently.
See what others do not. Explore beyond the obvious. Look where others haven’t. Use new perspectives.


Be Bold/Take Risks.

Break boundaries. Break rules if it will better your concept. Do not play anything safe. Say what you’re really thinking, portray what you really want to portray. Go there.


Be Passionate.

No work or project will ever be incredible if it is not done passionately. It is obvious when a designer creates without passion and strictly for the sake of accomplishing a task. Never lack passion, but also do not do things you’re not passionate about. It will show.


Keep Learning.

Never believe you have learned enough/everything. There is always more to know! Have an open to learn and to grow. We can always do better; it is simply an act of desiring to learn or desiring to stay complacent.


Take Charge.

Do not wait for instruction each time. Be willing to initiate, to develop, to create on your own. When you have an idea, act!


Be In Community.

Surrounding ourselves with intelligent thinkers and creative designers will only better us, not harm us. The challenge is to use this community for good and improvement, but not for comparison and fear of “losing” to others, so to speak.