Believing is hard.

Believing in anything at the core of your being is difficult. It isn’t until we are provoked by competitive edge that we are entirely sure how strongly we support what we “believe”. Complacency and apathy are easy while believing in a movement, an era, or a hope requires whole hearted devotion.

Good design is a healthy balance of useful and profound. It advances some kind of social agenda but it is meek and patient.

I believe…

… that people matter, that they should be at the forefront of all that we do. That who they are as people, their social and psychological capabilities are not the only things that they have to offer society.

… that the worth of human beings stems directly from story who they are rather than being exploited for their marketable skills.

… that human understanding exists beyond yes and no, that understanding is the deepest and most vulnerable form of community that we have.

… that impoverished communities are the most exploited and yet still in need of genuine care.

… that international travel is the most important and the most rewarding investment. New perspective and greater level of understanding and appreciation that is gained from traveling abroad is wildly refreshing. The appreciation and new found knowledge is something that can not be taught through text books and can be only taught through doing.

… that vulnerability is the greatest thing that human beings have to offer one another. That in vulnerability and in community there is no way for the group to advance as a whole if one portion of the group is not dedicated to the  entire truth.

… that community is the most important environment, society and group that we as humans can exist and participate in. Dedication is not only a commitment to others but a commitment to self, fostering growth in one another through accountability and intimate relationships.

… that mindfulness is a spiritual duty. That as humans we are spiritually obligated to discover more about how christ made us in order to serve others better. The best leaders and the best creative are the ones that are fully aware of not only how they are made by why they are made. These decisions, in turn, help them better understand the communities that they lead and design for.

… that truth, like vulnerability, is at the forefront of what we have to offer one another. This never resonated with me until I had a horrible roommate freshman year and when I asked my professor what I should so he looked at me and said, “just tell the truth”. That was four years ago and it still startles me to think about. At first it was so jarring to realize how simple freedom from that situation was. Freedom was the truth and truth was my freedom.

… that chaos teaches balance. That we are not able to be who we want to be or be who we are meant to be before we can embrace the chaos that life hands. us. That we are incapable as creative if we are only afraid of making mistakes that are supposedly “unrecoverable”. Make mistake, create chaos then reign it in.

… that after this chaos has been reigned in and settled there is a need for and a proper way to find rest. Most of my beliefs about this stem mostly from reading Brene Brown and Shauna Niequist. When rested properly, in a way that is mindful, genuine and self respectful it allows an immense amount of breathing room that is overall beneficial.