As I become a designer, I realize I have a responsibility to be a well-designer. I have been well-designed, so why should I not strive to design well? What determines, though, if design has been well-designed? For me, it’s primarily these six things:

  • Vulnerability – Every time you create something, you’re inviting people to see your thoughts and opinions. Whether you like it or not, what they see will affect their view of you, but you can’t let that get to you. Be proud of yourself for putting it all on the table while they sit back in their chairs.
  • Simplicity – “Take things away until you cry” Frank Chimero. It’s not a game to see how sparse or minimal the work can become; it’s about making the message easier to understand for more individuals.
  • Intentionality – Make it count. All of it. With, presumably, so little involved in the design, every component needs to be meaningful in some way.
  • Discovery – It’s truly impossible to ever fully grasp Design; discovering one answer leads to three new questions. Enjoying this process is key to avoiding frustration.
  • Coopertition – Competition is healthy. It pushes toward and stretches toward growth and improvement. But also be kind to people. Cooperate, work together, and grow together.
  • Stewardship – Be kind to people, be kind to the earth, be kind to yourself. Don’t take for granted that which is given whether it’s material, people, or ideas.