Hi friends 🙂

This summer I lived at home in Rochester Hills, MI and worked at a large company called thyssenkrupp (yes, that is supposed to be lowercase. They don’t capitalize it. A poor design decision in my opinion).

thyssenkrupp is a big engineering company that does many things. Most people know about thyssenkrupp because they see their elevators everywhere, but tk does a lot more than that. tk is comprised of 670 smaller companies all over the world. They have divisions in automotive, materials services, aerospace, industrial services, metals, brass, and many more. I worked in the materials services division for engineered plastics specifically, and my division was called AIN Plastics.

At AIN I helped with the rebranding that came from corporate. This included redoing all of our brochures, flyers, and posters, as well as other miscellaneous design jobs that needed to get done. Because we have a parent company (thyssenkrupp) they have a say in how our little plastics division does our design work. While this was helpful to have a template and a guide for where to start, it was difficult to enjoy corporate design because there are so many rules! I would have to submit my designs to the Germans each time I finished them to receive approval. This was scary and nerve-wracking because “the Germans” as we so fondly called them were constantly critical of anyone’s work and would often shut down whole ideas entirely. So this made work interesting J

I learned a lot despite having an internship that was not my favorite. I learned that I do not thoroughly enjoy corporate design for a large corporation. I learned how to deal with difficult people who want to control your designs yet have no background in art or design. So although it was not nearly as fun as my internship at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, I still learned a lot and got to visit very interesting people and places.

I am excited to grow in my communication skills with design. I want to continue to learn how to possess an idea, shape that idea, create that idea, and express that idea to both designers and non-designers.

I am afraid that I will not come up with an idea that is nearly as interesting or well done as previous seniors’ projects. I am constantly afraid of failure, and this class seems to stress me out before it has even begun. I am hoping to grow in this area through the majors meetings as they discuss exactly what I need to hear: fear of failure is not good, because failure can be good.