This summer I had the privilege of participating in an awesome internship program as a UI/UX designer at a software company in downtown St. Louis called Asynchrony Labs. I did a lot of design work that I had done before – so. many. wireframes. – but learned new things about how collaboration and feedback works. I was also able to visit my friend, Brittany, in Vail, CO. It was the one of the most beautiful places I’d ever seen. (Pictured is us at the top of a mountain looking across at Holy Cross, a massive 14er!)

I’m stoked to create something that I’m stoked about. Oftentimes I find myself “settling” for an idea or project because I’m either rushed or generally disinterested; however, this opportunity seems different. I know I won’t have an eternity to work, and I know I still may have to make difficult choices about cutting some things and going in other directions. But I feel like I get to spend more time developing and truly understanding my project and myself. Along with that, seeing others’ process and maybe understanding them a little more is also exciting. I hope to embrace the vulnerability of it all, because that’s tough.

That being said, I’m super scared to embrace that vulnerability and the whole, like, discovery of it all. And, though it may not necessarily apply to this class this semester, if I don’t have a “cool” project I’ll be pretty bummed and skeptical of design. (This depends, though, on both my definition of “cool” at any given moment and my level of self-satisfaction.)

Fun Fact: I’ve always been fascinated by Iceland hence my greeting.