This summer I worked full time at the Office of Experience (OX) as a design intern in downtown Chicago.  I also baked a lot of cookies.

I am both excited and hopeful about this class.  I am interested in the varying qualities and levels of design, and how it helps people interact with each other.  I hope to become more in tune with what I am passionate about, and merge what I love to do with my own character.  Emotions are powerful.  They can easily be wrongly manipulated, but can also lead us to goodness.  I’m excited to see what we all are passionate about, and what we are individually led to create.

I fear many things, things that often hold me back from a good idea.  I fear being overtaken by my own fear.  I fear confidently grasping the unknown.  I often fear going outside of what I feel comfortable with, but I’m hoping to get over that.