Hello from Seattle! This is definitely a unique first class for me! Please bear with me, as we may have some technical hiccups during this experiment.

This blog will serve as a comprehensive hub for the course. The course will act as a guided journey through the ideation, research, and proposal of your senior thesis project. It will require patience, vulnerability, and a great deal of trust. There is a plan, and you will end with a well-developed project proposal, but you MUST follow each of the steps as they arise without jumping ahead. Therefore, each step of the process will be posted as we get there—not in advance. Lean into the experience. It’ll be worth it! We will use the site to turn in homework and have group critiques along the way.

Therefore, your first pre-assignment is to register for the blog and make an initial post introducing yourself. In the post, you should:

  • Categorize your post with your name and _Welcome!
  • Add a feature image with your beautiful face
  • Tell us what you did over the summer
  • Share what you are excited about or hoping to get out of this class
  • Write out your fears for this class. What, if anything, is making you apprehensive?